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Monthly technology chat show bringing you the latest news and developments with a distinctly British slant.
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Every month Alex invites guests to chat about the latest tech news and developments. Follow along with the news stories that drive the show on the Tech Chat Google Community.


Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Taking a break

17 March 2017We are taking a break, back later in the year

Due to work commitments Tech Chat is taking a well earned break. We will be back later in the year.
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 26

14 February 2017Episode 26 - The gig economy or just plain exploitism and our love of skeuomorphism

Jason Kitcat, ex-leader of Brighton & Hove council and now Head of Public Policy at Crunch and Gareth James, Creative Partner at the digital agency Aqueduct join Alex in the studio to chat about the gig economy and whether its just good old fashioned exploitation and we all get nostalgic with our love of skeuomorphism.
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 25

3 January 2017Episode 25 - Review of 2016 and tech hopes for 2017

Natasha Reynolds a Project Manager and public speaker on technology along with Rachel Finch Founder of the Brighton Digital Women group join Alex in the studio to review all the big stories of 2016, chat about our tech hopes for 2017, the sharing economy and the future of education.
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 24

6 December 2016Episode 24 - Conflicted about the snoopers charter and admiring Jeremy's internet connected socks

Abi Mellor from Marketing Communications agency Morever and Co-founder of Clearleft Jeremy Keith both return as guests to the last show of the year. We all get conflicted about the snoopers charter and as its nearly Christmas we all admire Jeremy's internet connected socks.
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 23

9 November 2016Episode 23 - Home automation masterclass, toaster threats and absolutely no talk of the US election

Head of Connected Home at EDF Energy's BlueLab Roberto Hortal and Chief Engineer at Bowers and Wilkins Tom O'Brien join Alex in the studio to solve home automation, identify the clear and present toaster threat and definitely don't talk about the US election
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 22

11 October 2016Episode 22 - Jon invents 'service aggregation' and Alex falls out of love with Google

CIO at JustGiving, Anthony Drewery and old friend of the show, Jon Hirsch join Alex in the studio to talk about the new slew of Google devices, Amazons Echo coming to the UK and the new security threats posed by smart toys
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 21

Episode 21 Bitesize - Music Tech

Kathryn Nest and Chris Harding tell us their favourite music tech
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 20

Episode 20 Bitesize - Weather Tech

Kathryn Nest and Chris Harding list their preferred tech for keeping track of the weather
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 19

Episode 19 Bitesize - How tech can shape a new career

Kathryn Nest talks about how tech allowed her to shape a completely new career
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 18

6 September 2016Episode 18 - Underwhelmed by the iPhone 7 and we all get damp in a shower

Web designer and developer, Kathryn Nest and Content Director at Lark Chris Harding join Alex in the studio and get thoroughly underwhelmed by the iPhone 7 and all get damp in a shower
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 17

Episode 17 Bitesize - The Faraday bar

Lizzie Hodgson and Jeremy Keith chat about the new bar in Brighton that has been made mobile phone proof
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 16

Episode 16 Bitesize - The end of the VHS tape

Lizzie Hodgson and Jeremy Keith mourn the end of the VHS tape
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 15

Episode 15 Bitesize - Tech for the commute

Lizzie Hodgson and Jeremy Keith give us their favourite tech for commuting
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 14

3 August 2016Episode 14 - Has digital technology changed everything or has it changed nothing

Lizzie Hodgson all round digital innovator and Jeremy Keith co-founder of Clearleft join Alex in the studio to work out whether digital technology has changed everything or has it changed nothing
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 13

Episode 13 Bitesize - Favourite tech right now

David Somerville and Kev Heritage tell us what tech they are loving the most right now
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 12

Episode 12 Bitesize - Tech for an elderly relative

David Somerville and Kev Heritage tells us what tech they would recommend to an elderly relative
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 11

Episode 11 Bitesize - How to remember all those passwords

David Somerville and Kev Heritage tell us how they manage to remember all those passwords
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Alex Langley's Tech Chat - Episode 10

6 July 2016Episode 10 - We are all cyborgs now (and the inevitable rant about Southern rail)

Digital marketeer David Somerville and best-selling sci-fi author Kev Heritage try their hardest to not talk about Brexit, decide that we are all cyborgs now and have the inevitable rant about Southern rail
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Episode 09 Bitesize - Cord cutting

Lars Hyland and Rosa Fox talk about TV, media and the future of the BBC
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Episode 08 Bitesize - Our pick of the many messaging Apps

Lars Hyland and Rosa Fox give us their pick of the many messaging Apps
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Episode 07 Bitesize - Current smartphone choices

Lars Hyland and Rosa Fox discuss their current smart phone choices
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8 June 2016Episode 06 - Insecure passwords and we all get takeaway delivered

Lars Hyland a genuine guru on digital learning and Rosa Fox an actual software developer and organiser of codebar Brighton join me in the studio talking about insecure passwords and we all get takeaway delivered
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4 May 2016Episode 05 - Not so smart homes and oversharing

Dan May Commercial Director of IT services company Ramsac and Vicki Hughes MD and Founder of Fugu PR join Alex to talk about the not so smart home and we all do a bit of oversharing
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6 April 2016Episode 04 - Creepy assistants and offshore funds

Amanda Horlington a Communications Consultant and Gareth James Creative Director at Aqueduct join Alex to talk about creepy assistants and their offshore funds
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2 March 2016Episode 03 - I, for one, welcome our new shopping overlords

Abi Mellor from Brighton agency Morever and Jon Hirsch returns to join Alex in the studio talking about shopping, the rise of the robots and sexist phones
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3 February 2016Episode 02 - It's an insecure world

Andy Budd and Mick Peace join Alex in the studio, putting the world to rights on all aspects of online security
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21 December 2015Episode 01 - Pilot Show

Kevin Elliott and Jon Hirsch join Alex in the studio to talk about their first computer, getting kids coding and Uber coming to Brighton
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Meet ourGuests


Abi Mellor is Client Partner at Brighton based Creative Communications agency Morever. A multi-skilled team working at the intersection of art and technology. Over the last 15 years Abi has worked in award winning in-house digital teams and at digital agencies in Brighton and London.

Client Partner at Morever


Amanda is a communications and digital strategist with over 20 years experience working with blue chip companies, public sector bodies and broadcasters. Casting a quizzical eye at technology she writes a regular column for Title Sussex Magazine; a frothy and sometimes serious look at how technology can help or hinder our lives.

Technology columnist and founder of Fusion-Marketing Ltd.


Andy created Silverback and co-founded Fontdeck. He curates the dConstruct and UX London conferences and helped set-up The Brighton Digital Festival. Andy is a regular speaker at international conferences like SXSW, An Event Apart and The Next Web. Never happier than when he's diving some remote tropical atoll, Andy is a qualified dive instructor and retired shark wrangler.

UX Designer and CEO of Clearleft


Anthony has worked in technology for over 20 years including senior IT positions with Virgin and Expedia. He is currently the CIO at JustGiving.com, the world's largest social giving platform. In his role at JustGiving he drives the use of technology to achieve the company's mission of no good cause going unfunded.

CIO of JustGiving


I work for Lark – a specialist content agency – we help put branded messages, copy and advise on production so that businesses and organisations are saying the right thing, to the right people at the right time.

Content Director at Lark


Dan May is the commercial director at ramsac limited, a leading supplier of outsourced IT solutions, specialising in small to medium sized businesses, charities and private education. ramsac has made a bold commitment, ‘to make IT simple’ a promise it delivers by strategically led, jargon free IT advice that helps client organisations get the best out of their use of tech. Dan is responsible for ramsac’s commercial relationships with major vendors and distributors, as well as leading the businesses client relationship management and marketing teams.

Commercial Director of Ramsac


David is head of inbound marketing at Fresh Egg - an integrated digital marketing agency in Worthing. He works with clients across a variety of industries to help them grow their business using content, social media and other channels. He spends a lot of time in Devon, surfs when time allows and is helping his brother’s Sussex brewery.

  • David
    Head of Inbound Marketing at Fresh Egg


    From award winning ads to hacked-at-home internet connected taxidermy, Gareth is a Creative Director & Coder from Brighton. The #ArriveAwesome Virgin Trains re-launch, Durex's Billion+ viewed #TurnOffToTurnOn ad, the European launch of Infiniti Luxury Cars & Unilever Lynx's social platform can all be put to his name. He's been awarded by Cannes, Campaign & The Webbys and when not working or tinkering with IoT stuff he can be sighted at skateparks round the world trying to prove he’s not too old to hurt himself for fun.

  • Gareth
    Creative Director


    I provide freelance web services as Devadex, including Web Design, Development, Branding, Strategy, Consulting, Project Management and Training. I am currently pursuing interests in programming, web development, graphics and drawing. I have organized several local music events in my spare time in Brighton. I enjoy volunteering. I am learning to play the drums and the guitar.

    Freelance web developer


    Kev is a bestselling UK author of fast-paced sci-fi mysteries & epic fantasy. He was born in the UK in the previous century. Originally from Derbyshire, Kev now lives in the seaside town of Brighton. He is a tea drinker, Twitter aficionado (@KevHeritage) and part-time stand-up comedian.

    Co-owner & Operations Director, White Hat Media


    A web developer, author, and speaker, co-founder of the Brighton design agency Clearleft.

    Web developer and co-founder of Clearleft


    Jon is a digital architect with twenty years' experience in the interactive media industry. He helps clients who see digital media as a strategic investment in their business. He helps them to identify their requirements and objectives, and works with specialists to deliver appropriate solutions. He has a particular interest in skills and education, and authored the National Skills Strategy and National Occupational Standards for the Interactive Media sector. His web site and blog can be found at www.hirschworks.com.

    Freelance digital architect


    Kevin’s I.T. career in web based technologies spans the last twenty years. Currently co-owner and Operations Director at White Hat Media and co-owner of SiteChecker – a SaaS website audit tool. Kevin is also actively involved in the Brighton Drupal Association and the annual DrupalCamp Brighton event promoting the Drupal Content Management Framework.

    Co-owner & Operations Director, White Hat Media


    Founder of ThinkNation: where young people, thought leaders and creatives tackle how tech is impacting everyday life and shaping our future. Ex-speechwriter at Department of Health, award-winning travel writer, TEDx speaker and Katerva Gender Global Equality Panelist. Experience as a strategist bridges both public and private sectors including work for: Civil Service College, CAPITA, Comic Relief, Drupal Association, Pride London and The Charity Commission.

    Digital Innovator


    Michael Peace recently left the military after a career spanning over 20 years. A defence expert in human factors, social engineering and influence, he is the Director of Cybersuasion, a niche consulting company, an Associate Lecturer at Northampton University for their MBA programme, a speaker and a writer.

    Cyber Security Consultant


    Digital strategist with 10+ years leading projects for FTSE 100 companies, start-ups and the education sector. She is the Project Manager for the University of Brighton’s SharePoint 2016 upgrade and speaks on technology in Australia and the UK.

    Digital Strategist


    Founder of Brighton Digital Women and the Digital Marketing Manager for 4 Travelopia brands. Her passion is SEO and web design and enjoys developing her knowledge by collaborating with other digital Brightonians. She aims to build a supportive community to encourage women to take leadership roles in digital industries.

    Digital Marketing Manager


    Born and bred in Spain, Roberto started his Digital career with Nokia in Helsinki in the mid-nineties as head of Nokia’s Global Web team. In 2004 Roberto moved to the UK to join easyJet.com, where he led easyJet.com’s transformation towards its current place as the leading low cost airline website. In 2006 Roberto joined RSA as MORE TH>N Head of eBusiness. After a successful 2 ½ years on the role, he was asked to lead the effort of replicating MORE TH>N’s online success across Central and Eastern Europe for RSA. In 2011 Roberto joined EDF Energy as Head of Digital, where he spearheaded the consumer business’ Digital transformation, before recently taking the challenge to develop a whole new Connected Home business area.

    Head of Connected Home at EDF Energy


    Rosa is interested in web development and creative computing. She is a developer at Government Digital Service working on gov.uk. Rosa is an organiser of codebar Brighton which run free weekly coding workshop for people under-represented in the tech industry. She also co-runs She Codes Brighton and is a Sussex STEM ambassador.

    Organiser of codebar Brighton and developer at gov.uk


    Tom trained as and electronics engineer and since then has been designing loudspeakers for 21 years at Bowers and Wilkins. His main focus is in what is referred to as "Active" loudspeakers, that is ones that have the powered electronics built in, examples being the Zeppelin range of ipod docks and wireless speakers. He is currently the Chief Engineer for Active Products at Bowers and Wilkins.

    Chief Engineer at Bowers and Wilkins


    Working in consultancy since the mid nineties, she has been at the forefront of developments in digital media. Her unique approach has been developed after 20 years in delivering national and global campaigns. She regularly lectures and trains businesses and students on communication theory and campaigns.

    MD/Founder Fugu PR

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